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Day 1

We drive up the river to Tendaba Camp.


The camp is located on the banks of the Gambiariver, about 150 km inland.


Your accommodation is in a double or single room. The decor is simple but acceptable standard.


On our way we visit a typical Gambian village of the local area.

Upon arival in Tendaba Camp we take a trip by a pirogue or a canoe to take you over the Gambiariver, to the beautiful side arms of the Gambiariver and the mangroves, the North Bank of the Gambia. Here there is a very many birds, monkeys, crocodiles as well as other interesting animals to be seen.



Where else do you have the opportunity to feel the real nature life and discover so many different bird species.


There we keep our fingers cross to see crocodile.


From there lunch is serve at 2:00pm.


At 6:00am there will an optional walk to the village.


Dinner is serve at 8:00pm



Day 2

Breakfast will be at 8:00am.


Will be doing a mini safari to Kiang National Park, where the biggest animals to be seen will an antilopes and bush pig.


Lunch is served at 2:00pm.

After lunch we will drive back to the coast to your veriouse hotels, not to miss your happy hour.

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