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This tour is a 14 day tour of the Gambia and Senegal.
You need your passports for border crossing.

Our safari takes us to the national park Niokolo-Koba, in south-eastern Senegal on the border with Guinea on 15 to 300 m above sea level.


The park is 9130 square kilometers and has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1981.

Niokolo-Koba is the high light of this trip.


Let yourself be fascinated by antelopes, crocodiles, lions and cheetahs and enjoy pure nature.

Day 1:
We depart from your hotel at 7am and drive directly to Tendaba. The Tendaba Camp is beautifully situated on the banks of the Gambiar River, about 150 km inland of the  Gambia.


Your accommodation is in a double or single room.
The decor is simple, but acceptable standard.


At around 1:30 pm you will have lunch at the camp.
After lunch we will take a mini tour to the neighboring villages.


Dinner will be served at the camp at 8pm.

Day 2:

At 8am, there is breakfast at the camp, followed by  trip with a dugout cannoe over the river,  to the beautiful side arms of the Gambiariver and the mangroves of the North Bank.

Here  many different bird species, monkeys, crocodiles and other interesting animals can be seen.


Your dinner will be served at the Tendaba Camp at 8pm.


Day 3:

At 6am there is breakfast, then we continue to Georgetown, an island in the rivergambia 250 km from the capital Banjul.


The ruins of the slave market at that time are still visible here.


Our next accommodation is located right on the river and it is called Boa Bolong Camp.

The accommodation is simple, there are toilets, showers and electricity.


Lunch is served at 2pm.


In the afternoon, a boat trip on the Gambiariver awaits you. Here you will have the opportunity to see birds, chimpanzees, baboons and other monkey species. With some lucks we might see hippos.


Dinner is served at 8pm.


Day 4:

At 8am, breakfast served at the Boa Bolong Camp.


After we will be heading to Wassu stone circle.


On the way back we  will visit a typical gambian village in the area.


In the afternoon we take a walk through Georgetown in the form of a city tour.


Dinner is served at 8pm.


Day 5:

After breakfast at 8am, we departure for the base Santasu about 300 km up river It is the largest town in up river and the last Gambian town in the east of the country.


After the arival at the camp, lunch will be served.


Later in the evening a city tour is made to see the way of life at that end of the Gambia.

Your dinner will be served at 8pm



Day 6:

Breakfast is served at 8am.


We drive to the border village of Sabi. Here you will find a few border formalities.


Afterwards we continue to the Senegalese village of Welengara.


After all the border formalities, we head towards Tambacounda. The temperature here is higher than on the coast, but it is always an experience.
On the way we will have lunch in a small village and have a little refreshment.

Then we drive to Tambacounda.


Immediately after our arrival at Hotel Oisis dinner will be served at 08:00pm.



Day 7:

After breakfast at 7am we drive to Niokolo Koba National Park.


When we enter the park, your safari starts from main gate to the base camp.


From now on, we can encounter wild animals.


It is about 35 km from the main gate to the base camp.


Upon arrival in the reserved Basiscamp  lunch will be served


You will be offered various options to seee wild animals in thire habitat.


During a mini safari in the park you can see lions, various various species, hippos, cheetahs, leopards, etc ...

Your Dinner will be served at 8pm.



Day 8:

After breakfast we leave the Basiscamp and drive to South-Senegal to Kolda.


Today we have sandwiches as march catering.

Upon arrival at the accommodation in Kolda you will have plenty of time to relax and recover from the long journey.


Your Dinner will be served at 8.00pm



Day 9:

After breakfast at 8am we continue to Ziganchor, the capital of South Senegal.


We make a city tour and and lunch will be served at 1:30pm


After lunch we continue to Abene.


In Abena we will pay a visit the oldest tree in the area.


Your Dinner will be served at 8pm.



Day 10:

We will make a boat trip to the bird sanctuary in the middle of the river Alahine, a paradise for birds.


After lunch we will drive to the fishing center of Kafountin.


It is the largest fishing center in the area.


Dinner is served at 8pm.

Day 11:
After breakfast at 8am we drive back to Gambia, this time on the so called "smugglers Way".


In Madina, the Senegalese border village, the usual border formalities await us and also in the Gambian border village Dembaya, your passports are stamp for your entry into the Gambia.


Around 1pm we arrive at the Marachisa Lodge where we will spend the next days. The accommodation is simple but comfortable.


Lunch is served at 2pm.


After lunch, a walk through the bush is on the agenda.


Here, bird lovers and nature lovers will love it


At around 8pm you will get your dinner at



Day 12:

After breakfast at 8am at Mariachisa Lodge, we will visit the Brikama crafts market.

Lunch is served at the Lamin Lodge.


The restaurant is picturesque on the banks of a narrow creek.


In the afternoon we can then make a free choice, for example. With sunbathing, with a boat trip in the creeks , according to your wishes.


At around 8pm dinner is served at the lodge.


Day 13:

After breakfast at the Mariachisa Lodge we will drive to Katong to visit a reptile farm.  The snakes and other reptiles are very well cared visit and orientation.


After a visit there, we return to Sandele Eco Resort, where lunch and a cold beer await you.


After the meal, you decide whether you want to make a shopping trip or if you prefer to visit the Bakau handicraft market and the holy crocodile pool of Kachikally.


At around 8pm there will be dinne at the lodge.


Day 14:

After breakfast at 6am, we drive from Mariachisa Lodge to Makasutu.

Makasutu is a palm forest on the banks of a beautiful tributary of the Gambiariver near Madina Bolong.  The forest is a home for hundreds of bird species.

After this exciting day, we will take you back to your hotel by 4pm, where your tour ends.

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