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Day 1:
Your tour starts in Gambia.

First of all you will get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Gambia, Banjul, the capital of Gambia, and the suburbs Serekunda and Bakau.


We start from your hotel to the market of Serekunda. Here we mingle with the local population to get to know the market.


From the market it is only a short walk to the batik factory, where you will receive a demonstration of the batik binding technology. Furthermore, you will be shown how the dyes are made.


Of course, you can also buy something here. The first price is negotiable. Depending on your negotiating skill, you can reduce this price by up to 25%.


From the batik factory to Kachikally or, more precisely, to the Holy Crokodile Pool of Kachikally, a cult site in Bakau. Here you´ll have the possibility to touch a living crocodile.


From Bakau we go to Banjul where we visit the National Museum and the art gallery.


Afterwards you will go directly to your first overnight accommodation, the Tanje Bird Reserved Camp in the Tanje Bird Reserve.


Here you´ll have the possibility to take your lunch at 1:30 pm.


From 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm you have the possibility to take a walk in the bird reserve or take a trip to the Tanje Fish Market.


Around 6:00 pm dinner is planned.

Day 2:

At 6:00 am we start our tour to South Senegal.


On our way we serve sandwiches with tea and coffee in the middle of nowhere.


After the border formalities in the Gambian border town Jiboro we make a short trip to the Senegalese border town Seleti. Once again, border formalities have to be dealt here.


Afterwards, the trip goes to Kafuntine, a large fishing town and the third largest city in South Senegal.


From there we take a boat trip to a bird sanctuary and continue to various islands of Karone. The tribes that live on these islands are Karonike. The Karonike resemble a very natural Jolatribe.


By boat we will return to Kafuntine to our next overnight stay, called Esperanto Lodge.


At 5 pm we will take a short trip to Kafuntine to the fish market. Here you can see how the fish is prepared and preserved.


At 8:00 pm we are back at the Esperanto Lodge, where dinner is served.

Day 3:

After breakfast at 06:00 am we leave Kafuntine as well as the south of Senegal and cross the Gambian border to a village called Tendaba.


The Tendaba Camp is beautifully situated on the banks of the Gambiariver, about 50 km inside the country.


Your accommodation is in a double or single room.

The decor is simple, but acceptable standard.


At 1:30 pm you will get lunch at the camp.


From the camp you can either take a trip in a Land Rover to small villages in the area or we can drive you in a dugout over the river Gambia, across the beautiful side arms of the Gambiariver and into the mangroves of the North Bank. Very many birds, monkeys, crocodiles as well as other interesting animals are living here.


Your dinner will be served at the Tendaba Camp from 8:00 pm.

Day 4:

At 6:00 am there is breakfast, then it goes on to Georgetown, an island in the Gambiariver about 250 km from the capital Banjul.

The ruins of the former slave market are still visible.


Our next accommodation is located right on the river and is called Boa Bolong Camp.


Lunch will be served at 2 pm.


The accommodation is simple, there are toilets, showers and electricity.


At about 5:00 pm we drive to the stonecircle of Wassu.


On the way back we visit a typical village in the area.


The Dinner will be served at 8:00 pm.


After dinner, you will experience the village dance for your entertainment.

Day 5:

Around 8:00 am there is breakfast.


Today, a 6-hour boat trip awaits you on the Gambiariver.

Here you will have the opportunity to observe birds, hippos, chimpanzees, baboons and various other monkeys.


Lunch will be served on board.


After the boat trip, we´ll bring you to your lodge.


At around 8:00 pm, your dinner will be waiting for you.

Day 6:
Now you are ready to visit the Northern Senegal.


On the way to the border town of Farafenni we stop for lunch at a restaurant.

Now we have a long drive to the border town Amdalye. There are the usual border formalities, here too.


Then we continue to Toubakuta.


Our 3 Star Hotel KEUR SALUM is located on the banks of the river Salum Delta.


On arrival you will receive a welcome drink.


The accommodation is in single or double rooms with pool.


Finally, we take a short walk to the village of Toubakuta.


Your dinner will be served at 8:00pm.

Day 7:

Today we drive to the Fathala Wildlife Reserve for a mini safari.

Here you will have the opportunity to observe different species of antelopes, rhinos, bulls, warthogs, zebras, monkeys, baboons, ostriches and giraffes.


In Fathala you can even go for a walk with real lions. This gives you the opportunity for spectacular photos. This walk is NOT included in the price, but you can oder it!


Afterwards we return to Gambia.


Following the border formalities we will go to the ferry port to cross the Gambiariver.


After the crossing, you will be taken to your hotel.

Day 8:

At 8:00 am we will pick you up from your hotel and visit the reptile farm in Katong.


Here you can learn a lot about the reptiles.


Afterwards we continue to the craft market in Brikama.


You can enjoy your lunch at the Lamin Lodge at 02:00 pm.


The lamin lodge is simply quaint. The hotel is located on the banks of a narrow creek. 


Your journey ends here and we will take you back to your hotel.

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